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My name is Fetu-Ole-Moana. I am a NZ born Samoan/Niuean.

Proud to represent and ‘re-present’ Aotearoa/Niu Sila’s Pasifika people in the blogosphere.

I currently hold a Bachelors of Communication and a National Diploma in Journalism (Multimedia).

This blog aspires to offer complementary commentary on the presence of Pasifika people in the media. Pacific people are popular in the media. While there are many stories being told about us, there are not that many of us telling the stories.  Aotearoa is a diverse nation; our stories, perspectives and places need to reflect that diversity (you too palagi). So, I am personally and professionaly determined to ‘re-present’ our people by analysing and, sometimes challenging the ‘realities‘ of pasifika people in the mainstream media.


fetu.tamapeau at gmail dot com

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Hi there your website is awesome girl. lol

Comment by Amiria Henry

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