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'Samoan' spreading swine flu?

CURIOUS…out of all the confirmed swine flu cases, the only ethnic group labelled and highlighted was Samoan. Check it out:

Christchurch seafood plant closes after swine flu discovery



“You get stung by a bee, when I tell you I’m going to sting you it’s more freaky than just getting stung,” says Bromley School Principal Scott Kinley.

“So when you know this thing is coming there is always a sort of feeling of, ‘aaaarrrghh’.”

Yeah, a feeling of ‘aaarrghhh’ keep away from the samoans with swine flu has briefly taken the spotlight away from the ‘aaarrghh’ feeling people get when we see the samoans with guns in gangs. Just kidding. But anyway, I would hate to be the ‘samoan woman’ right now who, according to this article and recent television news is responsible for her grandchild getting the flu. Not to mention her role in infecting churches, schools and closing down of a seafood plant. I am interested in exactly how the outbreak was traced back to this woman, must have taken some serious super swine sleuthing 🙂 Check out this link for more information on the swine flu in the Samoan communities:

“Fears over spread of flu at church”  By CHARLIE GATES  (The Press)