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Pick it Up Tour in Wellington?
July 29, 2009, 8:51 am
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3000 young people went to the Pick It Up concert in Auckland. The concert featured artists such as Che Fu, Mareko and Young Sid.
The Telstra Clear pacific events center was packed out all in the name of looking after Aotearoa.
Would be great to have more events like this one around the whole country 🙂 <READ ARTICLE>

Laban asks Te Heuheu: What about Pasifika training initiatives?

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (C) drinks Kava as Hon Georgina te Heuheu looks on (R) during a visit to His Highness Head of State Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, July 7, 2009 in Apia, Samoa. The Prime Minister is on a four day visit to Tonga, Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands for the first time in his role as Prime Minister of New Zealand.News that National is supporting the expansion of Maori training initiatives is welcome by Labour. However, Pasifika Spokesperson for Labour, Luamanuvao Winnie Laban was questioning why Minister of Pacific Island Affairs, Georgina Te Heuheu was not supporting similar initiatives for Pasifika people. <READ MORE>

Govt: Maori & Pasifika Reps will be axed

Opposition party Labour released an article about Government’s plans to axe Maori & Pasifika reps on polytech councils <READ RELEASE>

Neo-colonialism at its best as Key visits his Pacific 'children'

john keyJohn Key left Fiji in the ‘naughty corner’ during his pacific tour. Key’s patronising paternal instincts came through when he would not say whether he preferred the ava/ kava of Samoa or Fiji. He did not want to pick a ‘favourite’.

Instead, he said: “Haha, it’s difficult to choose among children even if ones a little wayward at the moment” <READ ARTICLE>

Referring to Samoa and Fiji as children really does provide typical insight into the NZ relationship with its pacific neighbours.

And then there is Niue. Oh no we can’t just hand over the remaining $4million in relief/ develepment aid we promised five years ago. We have to send someone to check that they are using it ‘properly’. Apparently full of laughs, Key said he is choosing to treat Niue’s complaints as a “joke”. <READ ARTICLE>

It has been a cringe filled four days watching Key on his holiday in the Pacific, but at least we had the last laugh watching him dance.  <READ ARTICLE>

John Key joins in a dance at the Matavai Resort. Photo / Getty ImagesMy inner optimist says, it’s great he has taken the time to check out the islands though, his holiday has given the pacific extra air time… Considering our dear Te Heuheu is still playing the quietly nodding noble savage, any voice is better than no voice at all. Nevertheless, we should have left him to peddle oil in Samoa, since he thinks its way better than running the country (and they should have left the journalists who did not do enough research to at least have an ie to wrap round their pants in Tonga with him). <READ ARTICLE>

PI and Maori framed in imagined attack

How quickly we believed Mathieu Bastareaud’s story about the group of Pacific or Maori that attacked him is embarrassing. It clearly demonstrates how the ‘right’ ingredients can really make a story believable. Chuck in a few angry brown men and voila! Bon apetit for the insatiate media. The whole Bastareaud saga speaks on many levels, giving light to the undercurrent of marginalisation in Aotearoa. Michael Donaldson of Sunday Star Times gives his opinion on Bastareaud’s ‘sorry layer of lies’. <READ ARTICLE>

Pasifika initiatives best 'business case' for recession recovery

The recession is the newest excuse to cut back on pasifika initiatives. However, the pasifika population is young and fast growing. It makes sense culturally, socially, historically AND ECONOMICALLY (believe it or not Clydesdale), to invest in a group of people who will be paying taxes towards supporting wrinkly, old palagi men. The same wrinkly old palagi men that believe we are a drain to the economy 😉 Tapu Misa sets the record straight on why Pasifika people in education is the best ‘business case’ for NZ fullstop. <MORE INFO>

Style Pasifika 2009 broadcast receives funding

As scholarships and other worthwhile initiatives disappear before their time, it seems NZ  On Air has offered a sliver of hope. Style Pasifika 2009 has secured $170,000 worth of funding for a one hour show broadcasted by TV One. If the previous Style Pasifika is anything to go by, it is going to be awesome.

Style Pasifika is a celebration of New Zealand’s cultural diversity and creativity. It brings a Pacific flavour to our screen and reflects the colourful make-up of our community,” said Ms Wrightson.

Invitation to fashion designers